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????? III: ?? ?????? ? ??????? (?????????? 04)

Lupin III: From Russia With Love

Lupin Sansei: Russia Yori Ai o Komete

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Трансляция: 24.07.1992

Жанры:??????, ???????

????? ?????????:Monkey Punch

????????:Dezaki Osamu

??????:Oono Yuuji

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This time Lupin is after 500 tons of gold bullion that used to belong to the House of Romanov, the last rulers of the Russian Empire. His only clue is a code in an old book that a cipher machine has broken down to the words "Bank of Liberty". As always, whenever Lupin's involved, the situation gets complicated. This adventure takes him through the USA and Russia, with loads of action and classic Lupin-style escapades along the way.

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