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Aura Battler Dunbine

Seisenshi Dunbine

Аниме Aura Battler Dunbine - защитная ссылка



Тип:сериал (TV)


Трансляция: c 05.02.1983 по 21.01.1984

Жанры:фэнтези, меха, на основе повести, трагедия

Автор оригинала:Yatate Hajime

Главный режиссер:Tomino Yoshiyuki

Дизайн персонажей:Kogawa Tomonori

Режиссер анимации:Kogawa Tomonori

Выпуск:Sotsu Agency

на английском


Byston Well is a world where people go when they die. It is normally unreachable from Earth for it exists between sea and land. Only those who can open the Aura Road can pass through. Dwellers of Sea called the A-Fellario are able to open the Aura Road, and one of them named Silky Mau is forced to do it to snatch a young motocross racer named Sho Zama. Sho finds himself in Byston Well and his role is to pilot an Aura Battler. The Aura Battler is a giant robot warrior of immense power that can only be piloted by one with a strong Aura. All people brought from Earth have that Aura, but Sho's is exceptionally strong. His new master is Drake Luft, but Sho soon finds that Drake's motives are more complex than he realizes...Source: AnimeNfoNote: Dunbine was one of the first anime series to combine fantasy and science fiction. The main draw to the series were the insect-like Aura Battlers used by the population of Byston Well to fight their wars.

Список серий

Название серииПродолж.Дата выхода

1The Aura Battlers25 мин05.02.1983

2Given`s Mansion25 мин12.02.1983

3Escape from Laas Wau25 мин19.02.1983

4Elmelie`s Hardships25 мин26.02.1983

5Keen in Danger25 мин05.03.1983

6Tragedy at the Forest of the Moon25 мин12.03.1983

7Night before the Dawn of the war25 мин19.03.1983

8Laas Wau Once Again25 мин26.03.1983

9Earth and Sky25 мин02.04.1983

10Father and Child25 мин09.04.1983

11Offense and Defense of Kiron Castle25 мин16.04.1983

12Garalia`s Pursuit25 мин23.04.1983

13Todd`s Violent Advance25 мин30.04.1983

14The Battle to Capture Elf Castle25 мин07.05.1983

15Furaon Moves Not25 мин21.05.1983

16Skies Over Tokyo25 мин28.05.1983

17The People of Upper Earth25 мин04.06.1983

18Flash of Garalia25 мин11.06.1983

19Battler Shou25 мин18.06.1983

20Bern`s Counterattack25 мин25.06.1983

21Fugitive Elmelie25 мин02.07.1983

22Soldier: Elmelie Luft25 мин09.07.1983

23Musiy`s Pursuit25 мин16.07.1983

24Attack vs. Attack25 мин23.07.1983

25Joint War25 мин30.07.1983

26Elle`s Spiritual Powers25 мин06.08.1983

27Queen of the Red Storm25 мин13.08.1983

28Goraon`s Take-off25 мин20.08.1983

29Billbine Appears25 мин27.08.1983

30The Silkie`s Escape25 мин03.09.1983

31The Omen of the Black Knight25 мин10.09.1983

32Surfacing25 мин17.09.1983

33Machine Expansion25 мин24.09.1983

34Aura Barrier25 мин01.10.1983

35Goraon`s Scorching Heat25 мин08.10.1983

36The Enemy Is Gea Gring25 мин15.10.1983

37Hyper Jeril25 мин22.10.1983

38Time Bomb25 мин29.10.1983

39Bishott`s Prisoner25 мин05.11.1983

40Paris Blazes25 мин12.11.1983

41Europe Front25 мин19.11.1983

42Insurrection of the People of Upper Earth25 мин26.11.1983

43Hyper Show25 мин03.12.1983

44Guran Attack25 мин10.12.1983

45Beyond the Todd25 мин17.12.1983

46Operation Remote Control25 мин24.12.1983

47Drake Luft25 мин07.01.1984

48Cross Fight25 мин14.01.1984

49Chum Huau25 мин21.01.1984

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