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Аниме Angelique - защитная ссылка



Тип:сериал (OVA)


Трансляция: c 17.03.2004 по 23.03.2005

Жанры:гарем, романтика, сёдзё

Режиссер:Masekiryou Asumi

Дизайн персонажей:Yura Kairi

Музыка:Mizutani Hiromi

на английском


Angelique Limoges and Rosalia de Catargena have been chosen as candidates in a Queen Examination — a test to see who is better qualified to be the next Queen of the Cosmos. For this special examination, both young women are given their own continent on a planet. They must raise the continents into grandiose environments with thriving civilisations. And nine Guardians — who control various elements, such as fire, wind, and water — have been chosen to help the candidates in their endeavours.Source: ANN

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