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All That Gundam


Аниме All That Gundam - защитная ссылка



Тип:полнометражный фильм

Трансляция: ??.??.1989

Жанры:боевик, меха, фантастика

Музыка:Kawai Kenji

на английском


An animated short created for Gundam's 10th anniversary event. One minute in length, it shows some of the popular Gundam models of the first 10 years of the franchise in action. The clip also served as a promotional video for the next Gundam series to be released as it ends with the announcement "War in the Pocket is coming soon".Note: It was released on VHS in the same year as "a special present for Gundam freak" together with an original music video, CG art, television commercials and other extras. It was also released as a bonus clip on the War in the Pocket DVD release on 18.12.1999.

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