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Alice in Wonderland

Fushigi no Kuni no Alice

Аниме Alice in Wonderland - защитная ссылка



Тип:сериал (TV)


Трансляция: c 10.10.1983 по 26.03.1984

Жанры:фэнтези, на основе повести

Автор оригинала:Lewis Carroll

Режиссер:Sugiyama Taku

Дизайн персонажей:Kumada Isamu

Музыка:Koroku Reijirou

Выпуск:Nippon Animation

на английском


* Based on the famous children's novel by Lewis Carroll.Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a rich and wonderful journey into a land of the imagination. One day on a trip to London with her mother, seven-year-old Alice finds an old top-hat in a second-hand shop that is the start of her fantastic adventures.Out of the top-hat bounds Benny Bunny, who introduces Alice to his uncle, the White Rabbit, royal herald to the Court of the Queen of Hearts. Tailing the White Rabbit across her garden, Alice finds a strange rabbit-hole into which the White Rabbit has seemingly disappeared.With little hesitation, she jumps in after him, and finds herself falling through the tunnel that leads to the magical world of Wonderland. There, she finds unusual and illogical things, including talking flowers, a story-telling mouse, growth-inducing tea and cake, a Humpty-Dumpty in a perilous situation, a mad March Hare, a wise blue caterpillar, and a bossy Queen of Hearts. Nothing but bizarre and unpredictable things happen in Wonderland and Alice finds herself learning to handle the strange and magical events that are the everyday in this world.Source: AnimeNfoNote: There were 26 episodes produced for the Japanese market, however 2 episodes were not televised. Another 26 episodes were produced only for the American market.

Список серий

Название серииПродолж.Дата выхода

1Alice and Benny25 мин10.10.1983

2Rabbit Hole25 мин17.10.1983

3Alice in a Sea of Tears25 мин24.10.1983

4A Caucus-Race25 мин31.10.1983

5Big Alice25 мин07.11.1983

6Humpty Dumpty25 мин14.11.1983

7An Enormous Puppy25 мин21.11.1983

8Nameless Forest25 мин28.11.1983

9Crow Pirate25 мин05.12.1983

10Advice From a Caterpillar25 мин12.12.1983

11Bald Alice25 мин19.12.1983

12A Shocking Baby25 мин26.12.1983

13Tweedledee and Tweedledum`s Fight25 мин09.01.1984

14The Lion vs. the Unicorn25 мин16.01.1984

15The Queen`s Croquet Ground25 мин23.01.1984

16Cheshire Cat25 мин30.01.1984

17Dash of the Snails25 мин06.02.1984

18The Lobster-quadrille25 мин13.02.1984

19A Mad Tea-party25 мин20.02.1984

20Lovely Circus Land25 мин27.02.1984

21Jack the Gourmand25 мин05.03.1984

22Handstand Race25 мин12.03.1984

23Benny`s Disappearance25 мин19.03.1984

24Alice and the Looking-Glass25 мин26.03.1984

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