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Alfred J. Kwak

Ahiru no Quack

Аниме Alfred J. Kwak - защитная ссылка



Тип:сериал (TV)


Трансляция: c 03.04.1989 по 29.03.1990

Жанры:приключения, комедия

Автор оригинала:Herman van Veen

Режиссер:Saitou Hiroshi

Музыка:Herman van Veen

Выпуск:Tabata Kazuo

на английском


Alfred J Kwak (Dutch, it takes place in the Netherlands) lost his parents, brothers and sisters when he was young. He was raised by a mole. The series covers the life of Alfred from the day he is born. In his life Alfred tries to help all sorts of animals all over the world. The series are meant to entertain children and teach children about life, covering historical aspects like WW II.Based on the Dutch comic Alfred Jodocus Kwak, after an idea of the dutch Herman van Veen.This comic fell into the hands of japanese people and an anime was produced in Japan, which aired in many countries but getting most fame in the Benelux.

Список серий

Название серииПродолж.Дата выхода

1Alfred comes to life25 мин03.04.1989

2Alfred`s first birthday25 мин10.04.1989

3The ruby of the crown25 мин17.04.1989

4My father is Henk25 мин24.04.1989

5Dolf`s secret25 мин01.05.1989

6The great race25 мин08.05.1989

7Sea scouts part 125 мин15.05.1989

8Sea scouts part 225 мин22.05.1989

9The strange bottle25 мин29.05.1989

10Flying Carpet25 мин05.06.1989

11Alfred joins the circus25 мин12.06.1989

12Alfred`s chess adventure25 мин19.06.1989

13The queen loses her crown25 мин26.06.1989

14Let`s find the sawfish25 мин03.07.1989

15Alfred`s perilous voyage25 мин10.07.1989

16The search for the whales25 мин17.07.1989

17Visitors from outer space25 мин24.07.1989

18The southern cross25 мин31.07.1989

19The ocean belong to all of us25 мин07.08.1989

20Alfred - desert dream25 мин14.08.1989

21The king takes a loan25 мин21.08.1989

22Dolf is justice25 мин28.08.1989

23Escape from the crow party25 мин04.09.1989

24Emperer Dolf the first25 мин11.09.1989

25The decline and fall of emperor Dolf25 мин18.09.1989

26The unabominable snowman25 мин25.09.1989

27Love at first sight25 мин02.10.1989

28A gift from the king25 мин09.10.1989

29Journey to at25 мин16.10.1989

30A turtle island25 мин23.10.1989

31Drilling for oil25 мин30.10.1989

32They come to atlantis25 мин06.11.1989

33Gunfight at tombstone25 мин13.11.1989

34The riddle of the pyramid25 мин20.11.1989

35The labyrinth25 мин27.11.1989

36The course of true love25 мин04.12.1989

37An invitation from the prince25 мин11.12.1989

38Love unites25 мин18.12.1989

39Who want`s to marry a witch25 мин25.12.1989

40The stolen pan25 мин08.01.1990

41The volcano erupts25 мин15.01.1990

42Save the dragon25 мин22.01.1990

43Vote for Ollie25 мин29.01.1990

44Dolf takes a chance25 мин05.02.1990

45The strange epidemic25 мин12.02.1990

46Clown in the moon25 мин19.02.1990

47The magic fiddle25 мин26.02.1990

48How about a game of golf25 мин05.03.1990

49Looking for the rainbow25 мин12.03.1990

50Pot of Gold25 мин19.03.1990

51Forests of fuel?25 мин26.03.1990

52Dolf`s last stand25 мин29.03.1990

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