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Agatha Christie no Meitantei Poirot to Marple


Аниме Agatha Christie no Meitantei Poirot to Marple - защитная ссылка



Тип:сериал (TV)


Трансляция: c 04.07.2004 по 15.05.2005

Жанры:детектив, на основе повести

Автор оригинала:Agatha Christie

Режиссер:Takahashi Naohito

Дизайн персонажей:Ichiishi Sayuri

Музыка:Watanabe Toshiyuki


на английском


This anime is based on the novels of Agatha Christie. The anime is a collection of 39 mysteries chosen from Hercule Poirot and Marple series. To connect these two detectives, there appeared the original character, Mable West.Young Mabel West is the daughter of mystery writer Raymond West, who wants her to lead a normal life. Rebelling against this, Mabel wants to be a great detective, and sets out for London to become assistant to none other than Hercule Poirot, the great Belgian detective who resides there. She finally wins the reluctant approval of her father, and embarks on an exciting life of mystery and suspense - his only demand being that she occasionally spend some time with her great-aunt, Jane Marple, in the small village of St. Mary Mead.[Taken from ANN and AnimeNfo]

Список серий

Название серииПродолж.Дата выхода

1Case of the Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan25 мин04.07.2004

2The Mystery of the Cheap Apartment25 мин18.07.2004

3An Unusual Will25 мин25.07.2004

4The Perfect Maid25 мин01.08.2004

5ABC Murders (4 Part Story) - Part 1 - Challenge to Poirot25 мин08.08.2004

6ABC Murders (4 Part Story) - Part 2 - A Town and a Name Beginning with "B"25 мин15.08.2004

7ABC Murders (4 Part Story) - Part 3 - The Culprit Appears25 мин22.08.2004

8ABC Murders (4 Part Story) - Part 4 - Poirot Solves The Mystery25 мин29.08.2004

9The Disappearance of the Prime Minister - Part 1 - Pursuit at the Dover Strait25 мин05.09.2004

10The Disappearance of the Prime Minister - Part 2 - The Truth is in England25 мин12.09.2004

11The Mystery of the Egyptian Tomb - Part 1 - A Challenge from the Past25 мин19.09.2004

12The Mystery of the Egyptian Tomb - Part 2 - The Curse of Pharaoh Men-he-Ra25 мин26.09.2004

13The Murder of the Tape-Measure25 мин03.10.2004

14The Affair of the Gold Bullion25 мин10.10.2004

15Blue Geranium25 мин17.10.2004

16End House Mystery - Part 125 мин14.11.2004

17End House Mystery - Part 225 мин21.11.2004

18End House Mystery - Part 325 мин28.11.2004

19Christmas Pudding Adventure - Part 125 мин05.12.2004

20Christmas Pudding Adventure - Part 225 мин12.12.2004

214.50 from Paddington - Part 125 мин09.01.2005

224.50 from Paddington - Part 225 мин16.01.2005

234.50 from Paddington - Part 325 мин23.01.2005

244.50 from Paddington - Part 425 мин30.01.2005

25The Plymouth Express - Part 1 - A Body in a Carriage25 мин06.02.2005

26The Plymouth Express - Part 2 - A blue Dress25 мин13.02.2005

27Motive Vs Opportunity25 мин20.02.2005

28The Adventure of the Clapham Cook - Part 1 - A forced Commission25 мин27.02.2005

29The Adventure of the Clapham Cook - Part 2 - The Secret in the Trunk25 мин06.03.2005

30Sleeping Murder - Part 125 мин13.03.2005

31Sleeping Murder - Part 225 мин20.03.2005

32Sleeping Murder - Part 325 мин27.03.2005

33Sleeping Murder - Part 425 мин03.04.2005

34Four and Twenty Blackbirds25 мин10.04.2005

35The disappearance of Mr. Davenheim25 мин17.04.2005

36Death in the Clouds - Part 125 мин24.04.2005

37Death in the Clouds - Part 225 мин01.05.2005

38Death in the Clouds - Part 325 мин08.05.2005

39Death in the Clouds - Part 425 мин15.05.2005

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