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8 Man After

エイトマン AFTER

Аниме 8 Man After - защитная ссылка



Тип:сериал (OVA)


Трансляция: c 21.08.1993 по 22.11.1993

Жанры:боевик, на основе манги, фантастика, сэйнэн, триллер

Автор оригинала:Kuwata Jirou

Режиссер:Kogawa Yoriyasu

на английском


Whatever happened to 8-Man? Why did he suddenly disappear, never to be seen again? This was the question on Sachiko's mind, as she couldn't forget about that fateful day when she learnt the truth.Times have changed. Crime has a new face and a new mode. Newer technology has become part of the game, but the number one player is still power. Power is what organised crime is looking for. So what do you do when the criminals turn into near-invincible cyborgs? The answer: Bring back an old cyborg crime fighter, one capable of combating this new threat. 8-Man returns to the scene, but he has changed. His mind is different, as he has a new host with a different set of priorities.8-Man After brings an old superhero into the science fiction of today. 8-Man's new host is private detective Hazama Itsuru, a hard-nosed, sometimes violent man who likes to do things his way. So what does that mean when he is 8-Man? To put it short, he is quick and usually brutal. And since he still remembers his original life, he also remembers his grudges and his old enemies. A volatile mind in such a powerful body has everyone worried.Source: Absoluteanime.com

Список серий

Название серииПродолж.Дата выхода

1City in Fear25 мин21.08.1993

2End Run25 мин24.09.1993

3Mr. Halloween25 мин21.10.1993

4Sachiko`s Decision25 мин22.11.1993

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